Our School

Front of Woodmoor Elementary's building

Woodmoor is an elementary school located in Bothell, Washington and is part of the Northshore School District. Not only does the school house K-5 general education, but Woodmoor is a site for one of  the district's three PACE programs, a K-5 cooperative program that boasts a high parent engagement component. Also residing within our school is the Functional Skills and Academics (FSA) program which provides for the education of our K-5 special needs students.
Students from Woodmoor move on to attend Northshore Junior High and eventually Inglemoor High School. Our school is part of an enthusiastic community of life-long learners. Woodmoor is largely powered by the support of its parents and the greater community who give of their time and resources to make the school an ideal place to learn.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to foster the intellectual growth of our students. We will: work to develop the students' skills in reading, writing, and mathematics; help students to apply these skills in the analysis and use of information to reason, think, and create; and we will also guide our students toward developing a feeling of self worth, good character and citizenship, pride in their work, along with a respect for others and an awareness of the diversity found in schools and society.

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